Exhibiting at ASEC 2024

Exhibiting at ASEC is a great opportunity to display services, products, and training providers, to a concentrated audience of Systems Engineering leading professionals from across industry, government, and academia.

If you are interested in exhibiting at ASEC 2024, please download the Exhibitor Opportunities document below.

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Become a better engineer and enhance the skills of your team with Project Performance International (PPI). As the world's largest provider of systems engineering-based training, we have empowered over 19,000 professionals like you across 41 countries to achieve greater project success. Clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies (including industry giants like Airbus, Boeing, and Mitsubishi) have pursued improved engineering outcomes via our systems approach.

Via PPI Live-Online™ or in-person delivery you will:

  • Learn sound principles based on historical evidence, driving astute application of these principles to create value for your enterprise.
  • Discover new, efficient, actionable methods in mostly workshop format to achieve a high level of learning. Guaranteed!

“This is probably the most useful course I have done; I have learned so, so much”- Daniel Clarkson, Systems Engineer at Science and Technology Facilities Council, United Kingdom

Find us in the exhibition hall at the Annual Systems Engineering Conference ASEC 2024. Explore with us how PPI training and consulting can improve your engineering outcomes. Together, let's pursue a future of engineering excellence for value creation.

Help make the world a better place through better engineering. For free resources or more information, visit our website

Scarecrow Consultants Limited

Scarecrow Consultants Limited is a tool-independent Model-Based Systems Engineering consultancy, formed in 2014 by Prof Jon Holt and Simon Perry with a mission to ‘promote the use and application of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) in businesses worldwide, by pioneering new and pragmatic techniques for MBSE in the real world'.

All Scarecrow Consultants are true experts in the theory and real-life application of MBSE and are recognised at an international level. Between them, the Scarecrows have written 18 books on MBSE and related topics, more books on MBSE than written by any other organisation in the world.

For more information visit: www.scarecrowconsultants.co.uk